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You can easily follow up your request by contacting our telephone numbers.

Along with providing high-quality products, we are proud to provide a long-term guarantee to satisfy our customers in every way possible. Now we offer at least 36 months warranty on each drive and 18 months warranty on IGBT.

Long term warranty

Professional experts

Our know-hows are familiar with different industry needs and we can customize your drive based on your needs. 

10 years after sales service
After the end of our 36 month warranty on our products, we continue to support our products and for up to 10 years you have no reason to worry about having your drive damaged.​​​​​​​

 After sale services

Drive customization

We've made it possible for you to customize and deliver your drive with the features you are looking for.

Online support

You can access our online support by visiting our site. Report your problem through the relevant panel and stay in touch with our experts.

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