SBT Electric Abilities

After sale services

Even after the end of our 36 month warranty on our products, we continue to support our products up to 10 years. You will never worry about having your drive damaged.

Drive customization

We’ve made it possible for you to customize your drive with the features you are looking for. We can also give you consulting on your needs for the certain industry you’re working on.

Online support

You can access our online support by visiting our site. Report your problem through the relevant panel and stay in call with our experts

Phone support

You can easily follow up on your request by contacting our telephone numbers.

Contact support if necessary:

Phone: +98-9120762325

Long Term Services

Along with providing high quality products, we are proud to provide a long-term guarantee to satisfy our customers in every way possible. Now we offer at least 36 months warranty on each drive.

Professional Experts

We always had an eye on creating employment for young people, and we have taken steps in that direction. We are now proud that many young elites are cooperating with each other in our organization and the number of them are growing day by day.


Warranty Term

  • Please check physical conditions of product before collecting it.

  • Damaging warranty label, will invalidate the warranty.

  • SBT is not responsible for any physical fracture, water damage, or device failure caused by the customer and all consequences will be borne by the Customer.

  • Drive warranty only includes defects that occur during normal use or when parts are damaged.

  • The warranty period begins on the date drive is sold.